Free Workplace Harassment Training for Employees

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Creating a safe work environment is a key component to both a productive business and a healthy company culture.

In this article, we will discuss free resources available for creating a foundational anti-harassment policy and for implementing harassment prevention training at your company.

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Why is creating a safe workplace important?

Research has shown that “a toxic work environment significantly impacts the job productivity and the job burnout.” Burnout and reduced productivity can dramatically impact the well-being of employees, company culture, and ultimately harm a company’s bottom line.

A key component to reducing a toxic workplace is both creating and enforcing a harassment prevention policy for your employees. Along with a policy, harassment prevention training is important because it helps your employees understand the expectations of the harassment policy, and it establishes a baseline of company culture and attitudes towards harassment.

Free harassment prevention training resources

The best, most effective, and easiest to manage harassment training resources are typically provided by paid services in both on-site and online formats. Services such as WiseDaily make it extremely easy and affordable to regularly engage employees with harassment and professional development resources.

However, if your company is operating on a thin budget, even free resources can help you move towards a safer and more inclusive work environment.

Several states have created online harassment training courses and materials which are available for free. Among those states are: 

New York City also offers a harassment prevention training course and other resources online.

In addition to state resources, a number of associations, foundations, and non-profits offer resources that may be helpful. These resources include:


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